Если сайт не отображается или делает это некорректно, то возможно вы используете блокировщик рекламы на сайте состоящем из рекламы. Отключите его для решения этой проблемы.


How banner animation affects CTR

How banner animation affects CTR

One of the most important banner performance indicators is CTR (click-through rate).

CTR is calculated as the ratio of the number of clicks to the total number of impressions of an ad banner and is measured as a percentage. Let’s take the conditional number of banner impressions — 1000 and suppose that 60 users have gone to your site by clicking on the banner. We get CTR = 6%.

CTR = (number of click-throughs / number of impressions) × 100%

It is important to understand that this indicator shows the effectiveness of your advertising and ensures the conversion of all users who have seen the banner and followed it to your site. Next comes the content of the site, its structure, usability and other indicators, but the most important thing is to make the client pay attention to your banner.

A high CTR means that:

– the ad has been seen by the target audience;

– users have shown interest in your banner / ad.

In other words, the more attractive and visible your banner is, the more people will notice it and go to your site.

By the way, the value of CTR has another important point — it is associated with the positions of advertisements in search results. The search engine is user-centric and interested in displaying proper and relevant ads and high-quality content in search results. And that is why it is very important to pay attention to the visual design of your ad.

CTR of display ads is usually lower than the same indicator in search results and this is due to the fact that banner ads that users see on sites are often an advertiser’s way to declare or remind about a brand (the first and “coldest” stages of the sales funnel). However, they are also the most important and image-building, when you must stand out and be remembered by the user in the best possible way.

One way to increase your CTR is by hosting animated HTML5 banners. With the help of such an advertising format you will be able to solve your marketing tasks more efficiently:

– convey to the user the unique benefits of your offer;

– show several of the most important parameters of a product or service;

– tell about several promotions and bonuses at once;

– post more information about the brand;

– deploy a creative idea;

– draw the user’s attention using animation effects;

– to strengthen the focus on an advertising message you need;

– show several offers, goods, services at once in one advertisement.

HTML5 banners themselves have many more advantages. For example, HTML5 advertising banners are displayed on any device and are suitable for screen readers thanks to the semantic layout. Their absolute adaptability, with the help of CSS media queries, makes it possible to adjust the banner elements to any screen size. You can use any elements of web pages in them: text, images, videos, scripts and forms, as well as use dynamic scripts and databases on the server side. HTML5 banner files are small and, if designed correctly, do not load the processor when viewed on the page.