Если сайт не отображается или делает это некорректно, то возможно вы используете блокировщик рекламы на сайте состоящем из рекламы. Отключите его для решения этой проблемы.


Where and how you can use html animation

Where and how you can use html animation

In addition to the «classic» use in advertising animated banners, html animation can be useful in other ways:

— animation of parts of the site

— game animation 

— interactive banners and postcards

— animation of instructions and training for users

Parts of the site

There is often an advertising banner or slider on the website. In order to reinforce the accents and perception of information by users, this banner can be animated with the usage of html technology.

In addition to advertising banners and product spots, the site has small but important graphic elements – icons, downloads, buttons. All of them can be animated in the same way.


Perhaps you have not even thought about it, but with the help of html animation you can make a small advertising game or an exciting quest for the users of your site. You will be able to tell your customers more, and they will spend more time on your site.

Interactive banners and postcards

It is interesting and memorably to congratulate clients and colleagues with an animated html postcard. In this case, you can both just watch the animation and take part in a small interactive.